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Omri (say Ohm-Ree) 

Was conceived on a beach in Tel Aviv during the holiest of holidays on a hot summer day (drenched in sin). He was born in Jerusalem and raised in Reseda — the setting for the Karate Kid and other sordid films.  His childhood was remarkably similar to that of Daniel san often coming home with bruises from the local 18th street gang chapter. He quickly learned to speak English from watching TV shows like A-Team, Miami Vice and Tom and Jerry. Omri went on to study International Politics at UCLA and Film at San Francisco State and now speaks 5 languages. Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, and Moroccan.


He made his entrance in 2007 winning the first music video contest on Youtube for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The following year he went on to direct his first commercial campaigns for Nike and Microsoft and was included in SHOOT’s New Director’s showcase.


Omri’s work is driven by instinct and heart. He thrives on creating a heightened cinematic experience out of real life situations. Cohen has the ability to draw real, emotional performances from non-actors and athletes and is equally at home working with trained talent creating moments that feel unrehearsed. His work has been described as honest, authentic, real, gritty, raw, cine-verité, energetic, lyrical, and wow.  He thrives on finding the magic in people, casting with an inclusive eye that challenges ad norms, and pushing the creative brief beyond its potential. His work is driven by energy and pace with a sense of humanity at its core. Its a wild, beautiful dance between moving images and rhythm.


Omri has shot for brands Nike, Gatorade, PUMA, Reebok, Amazon, NBA, X-BOX, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, NFL, Verizon, Comcast, Coors, Microsoft, Uber, Facebook, Estrella Galicia, Nescafe alongside the industries top agencies. 

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